Monday, July 24, 2006


A list as autobiography is one of my favorite tics (an example here). So this blog will present a daily record of poets who popped up in my thoughts. I may have thought of these poets because I read their works, conversed with them, received an email from or wrote an email to them, heard something about them or their works, bumped into them on the streets, wined and dined them, had a review matter come up involving them, and so on. An exception is that I won't list poets who came to mind simply because I read their blogs; basically, the links on my primary blog present that information. I also won't mention poets just because I read their names in emails distributed through various List Serves, though I will mention their names if I thought about them longer than the perusal of their names.

Mayhap some time in the future, I'll look at these lists and think to myself, "What were you thinking?!!!"

Anyway, for my first list: today I thought of these poets:

Tan Lin (who has a "list" that helped spur this project)
Tom Beckett
Bruna Mori
Michelle Bautista
Brian Lucas
Brent Cunningham
Arthur Sze
Gemino Abad
David Baptiste-Chirot
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Leny M. Strobel
Crag Hill
William Allegrezza
Peter Ganick
Garret Caples
John Yau
Ernesto Priego
Mark Young
Phil Primeau
Jon Leon
Greg Fuchs
Susanna Gardner
Julie Enszer
Mao Zedong


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